The Little Unsaid

The Little Unsaid

The Little Unsaid release a new album for Reveal Records (home of Lau, Joan As Police Woman, Eddi Reader and more) in 2018. Fronted by songwriter John Elliott, they are a band with an original sound and international outlook. The band have spent the last year touring Europe, leaving audiences emotionally rapt with a live show that's been described as

"a thumping depth of passion"

Their sound is all their own but echoes the intensity and melancholic overtones of greats such as Nick Cave and Leonard Cohen. Their critically-acclaimed album 'Imagined Hymns & Chaingang Mantras' was recorded with Radiohead engineer and film score producer Graeme Stewart. The Little Unsaid embrace elements of rock, folk, electronica, jazz and alt-pop. One of the UKs must-see rising live acts and recent winners of the Steve Reid award for Innovation.

'Entrancing... songwriting of a real rich quality, all held together by an intensity of approach, by a focus on the emotional weight music can carry' – Clash

'Extraordinary music. This is an amazing act' - Bob Harris, BBC Radio 2

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